The Omni Group Ships OmniOutliner Final

December 28, 2001 — Seattle, Washington — Make a shopping list, make a
‘to do’ list, make a list of all the reasons why you hate lists! Today, The
Omni Group released it’s first shipping version of OmniOutliner, the very
cool, very easy to use Cocoa application for making outlines (and lists) on
Mac OS X. Download a free trial version of this latest build now at On this page, you will
also find information on signing up on our newly created OmniOutliner-Users
mailing list.

Cocoa applications flow seemlessly with Mac OS X. OmniOutliner integrates
so well with Apple’s new operating system, it’s quickly becoming the
outlining application of choice for many users on Mac OS X.

In the words of Wil Shipley, Omni’s President, “OmniOutliner is one of
those sneaky applications where at first you might think it’s so simple
you’d probably never use it, but once you try it you become totally hooked,
and suddenly everything you see is something that needs to be put into a
list or outline and filed away. Think of OmniOutliner as computerized
coffee — it’s addictive, it helps you think clearly, and you’ll love it.”

OmniOutliner now supports Export to Plain Text (More 3.1), Multiple
Columns, and Document-wide Stylesheets. See the release notes for a
complete list of changes and fixes.

Release Notes:

– OmniOutliner 1.2 (v10)
– OmniOutliner now requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later.
– New Features
– Export to Plain Text (MORE 3.1)
– Enhancements
– Added “Expand Completely” and “Collapse Completely” menu
items. These expand or collapse the selected rows and all
their children.
– Added keyboard preferences for changing the behaviour of
tab and shift-tab. In single column outlines, you can enable or
disable indenting rows with tab. In outline with multiple
columns you can choose between indenting the row and going to the
next column.
– Added a number formatter in the Column Editor so that you
can’t enter negative or zero values for column widths.
– Import from text files now handles tab delimited fields to
set the values of other columns. Columns are created as
– You can load exported iTunes song lists.
– Bug Fixes
– Plain text export (fixed width) now adds spaces where the
checkbox would be for rows with a “None” status, instead of
nothing, so the text lines up correctly with the other rows.
– The Outline inspector updates it values when they would
change from an undo or redo event, or when things outside of
the inspector change the values (such as the Outline -) Show
Status Checkboxes menu item).
– When you backspace the last text on a row and the row is
deleted, the previous row is selected instead of the next
row, which makes it more natural to delete several rows by
backspacing through them.
– The RTF Export Preferences panel doesn’t enable the default
button when you just click on one of the bullet or checkbox
strings and then go to another field without changing

You can also set the text color of these strings, and two of
the strings now use a dark gray by default. If there is more
than one color in the text of one of the strings, only the
first color for that string is used for that string.
– You should no longer get messages about OZHelpURL on the
– Loading 1.0 beta 1 files works again. Before the outline
structure was there but the text wasn’t visible and you would
get an exception if you tried to edit the outline.

Information about The Omni Group:

The Omni Group, founded in 1993, develops Mac OS X applications including
OmniWeb, OmniGraffle, and OmniOutliner; provides Mac OS X based consulting
services such as porting games to Mac OS X; and employs 20 unique
individuals who think the worst thing about the holidays is that the chefs
go on vacation. Information on The Omni Group is available at