BrainForest Professional 1.1 for Macintosh Released Carbonized for Mac OS X
and New Features Added

(Portland, OR) December 27, 2001 – Aportis Technologies Corp. announced
release of BrainForest(tm) Professional Edition 1.1 for Macintosh(r)
computers. Along with Mac OS X compatibility, other enhancements include
expanded Note editing capabilities, enhanced printing features, additional
keystroke shortcuts and commands, expanded undo/redo functions, interface
changes to match BrainForest Professional Edition for Palm platform
devices, and bug fixes. BrainForest is an award-winning comprehensive
action item organizer, idea tracker, project planner and checklist manager,
which uses an intuitive Trees, Branches & Leaves analogy that allows
complete customization of how data is viewed. BrainForest Professional 1.1
for Macintosh is the desktop companion to BrainForest Professional for Palm
Powered devices. Registered users may update for US$9.95. Availability is
immediate through the Aportis web site, BrainForest
Professional Edition 1.1 costs US$39.95 and includes software for both
Macintosh and Palm Powered devices.

BrainForest is currently being used at thousands of locations worldwide.
Information can be viewed and managed on the road and in meetings.
Information in BrainForest can be sorted in several, flexible ways.
BrainForest keeps track of Teams and Projects, allowing the entry of
project start date, end date, and recurring information, so that any
project can be kept under control. Dates and milestones can be reordered.
Data can be imported and exported in various file formats.

About Aportis
Aportis Technologies was founded in 1997 to develop and market a line of
portable software products. Aportis’ focus is on small business and
enterprise-based productivity solutions for mobile professionals. Aportis
can be reached at PO Box 86336, Portland, OR 97286-0336, USA. Sales number
is toll free, 888.APORTIS (888.276.7847), or 503.736.3240. Fax is
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