Everyday Software is pleased to announce an update to its Carbon Events
plug-in. This version adds support for long file names, allowing REALbasic
applications to fully support them under Mac OS X with this plug-in. Full
changes include the following:

– Added SetLongFileName folderItem method to set a folderItem’s name to a
long file name and optionally hide it’s file extension.
– Added GetLongFileName folderItem method to get a folderItem’s long file
– Added MakeSheetTranslucent method which makes a sheet window background
translucent (very limited in it’s functionality).
– Added default location & hide file extension parameters to AskPutFile.
– Added ModalAskPutFile & ModalGetPutFileReply for use of a modal save
– Changed GetFolderItemByType to a global method instead of an app class
– Changed AskPutFile to support long file names; now it creates the actual
folderItem file for the user.
*To write to the file and preserve it’s long file name use AppendToTextFile
– Changed all CFString text encoding to use the default encoding.

Previous features include:

– Access to a toolbar button
– Scroll wheel support
– live window resizing
– Access to the application Dock tile menu
– Standard Alert Sheet support
– Ask Save Changes & Discard Save Changes sheet support
– Put file dialog sheet support
– Quit Event notification
– Complete proxy icon support with icon dragging and window’s path menu
– The ability to get any folder by type & domain

The plug-in is $10 shareware and can be downloaded at:

Will C.