We are proud to announce the eSuite4X – MySQL Edition. The new
eSuite4X is the easiest way to start with MySQL on Mac OS X.

This distribution is based on MySQL 3.23.46 and includes graphical
assistants to easily install and set up MySQL on Mac OS X. Even an
absolute beginner will have his MySQL database server up and running
in less than 10 minutes!

eSuite4X – MySQL Edition includes support for MyISAM and InnoDB
tables (transaction support) to support real world applications. All
important files are directly accessible through the Finder (ie.
for?doing a cold backup of your databases or configuring the database
server settings).

Also included is the SQL4X Manager Pro to import existing data into
MySQL tables, create and administer databases, tables, users and
access privileges, browse through your tables, edit data and schedule
backups. In short: the new eSuite4X – MySQL Edition is the ideal
basis for database driven web sites.

For more information visit
Thomas K. Fischer
(font color=”#0000FF”)(u)http://www.macosguru.de(/u)