For Immediate Release

Monday, December 10, 2001
Prague, Czech Republic

Today, 24U s.r.o. has released a new special product for Mac OS, Mac OS X
and Windows – 24U WebCompanion patch 1.0.

WebCompanion patch enables your FileMaker Pro to easily publish databases
on the web even if they contain non-roman text, such as Czech, Slovak,
Polish, Russian etc.


WebCompanion patch forces FileMaker Pro WebCompanion plug-in to not
transform high ASCII charaters ()127) to the form &#number; so that the
HTML page uses the correct 8-bit text encoding. This allows, for example,
Central European languages to be used in web-enabled databases.

The current versions ranges from 4.0.3 to 5.5 including the Mac OS X version.

Since 2000, 24U s.r.o. has been committed to software development,
modifications and distribution, creating custom software solutions, and
providing trainings and consultations for Mac and Windows OS users.

We offer solutions for people, not for computers.

Robert Pikous, PR manager