Press Release

For Immediate Release
December 10, 2001

MCE Ships Lucid – Smallest, Lightest Portable FireWire CDRW Drive

Irvine, CA – MCE Technologies, LLC today announced the Lucid 8x8x24x
Portable FireWire CDRW Drive. The Lucid CDRW sports the slimmest dimensions
and lightest weight of any FireWire CDRW drive on the market today, as well
as a sleek industrial design intended to complement all of Apple’s current
system lineup, particularly the Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium. The Lucid CDRW
is powered entirely by the FireWire bus and features JustLink buffer
underrun protection. MCE will begin shipments of the Lucid CDRW drive

“The Lucid CDRW drive represents the pinnacle in our quest to join form with
function,” said Arnold Ramirez, President, MCE Technologies, LLC. “Not only
does the Lucid perform exceptionally in the portable arena due to its
diminutive size, weight and other portable features, but it’s striking
design meshes seamlessly with Apple’s distinct industrialized style.”

The Lucid 8x8x24x Portable FireWire CDRW Drive writes recordable CDs at 8X
speed (1200KB/Sec), writes re-writable CDs at 8X speed (1200KB/Sec), and
reads regular CD-ROMs at 24X speed (3600KB/Sec). It does so while weighing
in at only a pound and measuring 5.5″ in width, 6.5″ in length, and only
0.8″ in height. The Lucid also features JustLink buffer underrun protection
to prevent the creation of defective CDs due to interruptions in the flow of
data to the Lucid drive.

The Lucid CDRW Drive does not require an AC Adapter as it draws all required
power from the FireWire port to which it is connected. The Lucid supports
all PowerMacs, iMacs, PowerBooks, and iBooks with built-in FireWire ports as
well as those with PCI FireWire cards which supply power to the FireWire
bus. An AC Adapter (available separately) is required when using the Lucid
with those systems whose FireWire ports do not supply power to the FireWire
bus, such as CardBus-based and some PCI-based FireWire ports. The Lucid is
compatible with Apple’s iTunes under Mac OS 9.1 through Mac OS X.
Compatibility with Finder Burning under Mac OS X is forthcoming. The Lucid
is compatible with Roxio’s free Toast 5 Titanium for OS X, Preview Release
#2, downloadable from Apple’s web site, for the creation of data CDs under
Mac OS X.

The Lucid 8x8x24x Portable FireWire CDRW Drive is bundled with Toast
CD-Recording software, FireWire cable, and user’s guide. The Lucid CDRW
Drive retails for $299.00 The optional universal AC Adapter is listed at

Interested dealers and distributors should contact Dealer and Distributor
Sales at MCE.

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