MicroOLAP Technologies announced the next generation of Direct Access
Components for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase ASA

MicroOLAP Technologies company has announce today the release of Direct
Access Components (DAC) series, the libraries of native VCL components for
direct access to MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase ASA database servers.

MySQLDAC, PostgresDAC and ASADAC provide high performance direct access to
appropriate servers from Borland Delphi/C++Builder applications. The main
advantage of these DAC components sets is that it doesn’t require BDE/ODBC
on the client side.

Using this feature you are able to build really thin client and easy
distributable applications. Direct Access Components allow you to simplify
distribution, administration and support of your applications and reduces
system requirements.

MySQLDAC, PostgresDAC and ASADAC are easier, more flexible, powerful and
fast way of development database applications with DataBases and Borland
Delphi/C++Builder. These components sets support all DBMS specific features
and simplifies developing of client/server applications.

There are flexible and easy automatic Insert, Update, Delete and Refresh,
support of BLOB fields, speeding up fetch record from database and more

TDBImageEx component for JPEG images support is included with sources in
all packages for free.

Application written with DAC components sets works times faster than
created with traditional BDE/ODBC approach, is more reliable and certainly
requires less support resources.

Interface of DAC components is BDE-compatible, so these components sets
allow easier migration of existing projects from BDE/ODBC scheme to the
native one.

Now MicroOLAP Technologies distributes DAC components packages for Borland
Delphi 4-6 and C++Builder 5.

Trial versions is available for free download.

microOLAP Tecnologies LLC
208, West State street
Trenton, NJ 08608-1002