OpenOSX Ships Gimp 1.2.3 for Mac OS X CD.

SWALL MEADOWS, Calif.–(OPENOSX.COM)–Nov. 26, 2001–Easily install The
Gimp in minutes on Mac OS versions 10.0.x through 10.1.1. The Gimp (GNU
Image Manipulation Program) is the open-source alternative to Adobe
Photoshop. The OpenOSX CD will install and configure The Gimp with all of
the programs and libraries required to run the graphical-user-interface
within Mac OS X’s Aqua interface (XFree86, XDarwin 1.0.4, GTK
1.2.8, and The Gimp versions 1.2.3 Pre 2 and 1.2.2 ).

The installation program additionally installs complete documentation (in
both PDF and HTML formats), tutorials, brushes, patterns, 600 megabytes of
Plug-Ins and a mirror of the official Gimp website.

All OpenOSX product’s come with limited-technical support to help get a
system up and running should the user experience any difficulty during

The Gimp CD costs us$30.00, and 6-Month CD-Subscriptions are available for
us$80. The CD is also available bundled with the OpenOSX Office CD. OpenOSX
has their Office CD information available at (

More information about the OpenOSX Gimp CD is available at

To learn more about The Gimp’s capabilities, visit it’s home at