VOODOO Personal 2.1.1 – The Version Organizer that Saves the Evolution of
Your Work

Hagenberg, November-13-2001, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS announced the availability
of version 2.1.1 of the popular version organizer VOODOO Personal.

The new version is a maintenance release which contains a couple
of bug fixes and improves compatibility with Mac OS X 10.1.

The upgrade to 2.1.1 is free for all registered users of version
2.0 and higher. It can be downloaded from:

Have you ever deleted a document by mistake – or made a change to a
document only to find that you would like to undo the change a few
days later? Or did you ever want to know what a document looked like
the other day?

VOODOO Personal protects your documents against accidental deletion and
unwanted changes. It stores all versions of your documents and lets you
restore previous versions whenever you want.

The neat graphical user interface lets you easily browse your version
archive, view the history of your documents and retrieve earlier
versions. But archiving earlier versions of your documents also leads
to an additional advantage. For selected file types (including text
files and MS Word files) you can even investigate the differences
between two versions of a document.

VOODOO Personal’s efficient delta compression technique stores only the
differences between the versions and saves up to 99 % of disk space.
VOODOO Personal achieves this amazing compression rate for most types
of documents including files created with MS Word, Quark XPress,
Freehand, Canvas, FileMaker, 4th Dimension, etc. In addition to the
files themselves, VOODOO Personal also keeps track of the folder
structures containing the documents.

Once you have seen how easy it can be to protect your creative work
against loss and accidental changes, you will never want to start
modifying a document before you know that the current version is saved
in a VOODOO Personal archive.


* Stand-alone version organizer for all sorts of projects
(publishing, web publishing, design, CAD, software development, etc.)
* Drag-and-drop support for easy archiving of your files.
* Contextual Menu Plug-in
* Easy-to-use graphical project browser gives access to all
versions that were ever stored.
* Recording of the complete history (who made which changes when and why)
* Visualize differences between versions (not only for text files!)
* Efficient delta storage of arbitrary files (text as well as
non-text files) gains savings of up to 99 %.
* Administration of users with hierarchical access rights
* Scriptable, PowerPC native
* Smooth integration with BBEdit and Metrowerks CodeWarrior

UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH, founded in 1993, is a well-known source for
high-quality and easy-to-use Macintosh software. The company’s products
VOODOO and VOODOO Server have become very popular version control tools,
not only among software developers but also among web and multimedia
developers, authors, artists, and anyone who revises and varies their work.
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