Archos yesterday introduced the Jukebox Multimedia, which it bills as a handheld entertainment center, combining an MP3 player and recorder, photo album viewer, still camera and camcorder, and video player and recorder. The base unit, which will be available in January, provides an MP3 player, photo and video viewer, and data storage on a 10GB hard disk, which is accessible through its USB 1.1 interface or optional USB 2.0, FireWire, or PC Card connection. Additional modules, which will be available separately in early 2002, plug into the base unit’s expansion port and provide such capabilities as real-time MP3 recording and encoding, support for CompactFlash and SmartMedia disks, a 1.3-megapixel digital still camera and MPEG4 camcorder, and a video recorder that can record MPEG4 videos from an external video source (such as a TV) and can store 30-50 hours of video on the base unit’s 10 GB hard drive. Pricing for the Jukebox Multimedia will be announced in January.