Runtime Revolution Delivers Native Support for Ground Breaking Operating
System and Offers Low Price Cross-grade for HyperCard Users

Edinburgh, Scotland. Thursday 8th November 2001. Runtime Revolution today
announced the launch of Revolution 1.1, a native Mac OS X application
development system that offers cross-platform database access and enhanced
multimedia support for QuickTime.

Revolution 1.1 for Mac OS X delivers seamless integration with the Aqua user
interface and the operating system’s underlying Unix-based foundation.
Using Revolution’s unique “write once, deploy anywhere” technology, a
developer can write an application on Mac OS X and port it instantly to all
of the other available platforms. With its high level integrated language,
application prototyping and fast development capabilities, Revolution 1.1
for Mac OS X saves users time, money and effort.

“Revolution is becoming the tool of choice for developing cross-platform
software,” said Kevin Miller, Runtime’s Managing Director. “With Revolution
1.1 for Mac OS X, development takes only a fraction of the effort when
compared to other tools and we’re absolutely delighted to provide native
support for the Mac community.”

“Beneath its elegant user interface, Mac OS X is an exceptional development
platform that delivers amazing stability, power and interoperability,” said
Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.
“Revolution 1.1 for Mac OS X is a very compelling tool for developers and
we’re excited to have their support.”

Revolution 1.1 leverages the speed, power and ease of use of Mac OS X to
present over 80 improvements and new features including:
.. Native Mac OS X support
.. Cross-platform access to ODBC, Oracle and MySQL databases
.. Extended support for Internet protocols such as FTP
.. Seamless integration with Apple’s state-of-the- art QuickTime multimedia
technology, including support for streaming media, sound recording and
transition effects
.. PNG alpha channels and blends

Since its launch in July of this year, Revolution has joined the ranks of
the leading developer tools and was recently awarded a top score rating of
five mice by MacUser magazine (UK). A recent independent study showed that
an application written in Revolution can take half the programming effort to
develop when compared to a leading competitor.

A free Starter Kit Edition is available for you to download from:

To celebrate the 1.1 release, Runtime are offering current users of
HyperCard or SuperCard a cross-grade to Revolution Professional Edition,
which comes complete with one year’s updates and email technical support,
for $199 – an 80% discount. This offer is time limited – see the Runtime
web site for details.


The Revolution development environment is a breakthrough for anyone who
writes and designs computer software. Revolution enables developers to
easily and quickly create powerful Internet-enabled applications and
solutions which can be delivered on Mac OS X, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and
other popular UNIX systems. Professional software developers can easily
create applications that can be deployed cross-platform with no changes to
code, from a single working file. Revolution’s built-in feature set includes
support for popular graphics and multimedia formats (including QuickTime and
QuickTime VR), sockets and Internet protocols such as HTTP, sophisticated
text handling, and standard user-interface controls that reflect the native
appearance and behavior on all platforms. Revolution is also suitable for
educators, students, and those without previous programming experience.

A Revolution Standard license starts at $349. Additional licenses include
the Professional Edition, which includes technical support, more powerful
database access features and all updates for a year for $995; K-12
educational licenses, which start at $25 (minimum ten copies); and the
downloadable Starter Kit Edition, which is completely free for unlimited
use, but limits the amount and complexity of code. The Standard and Starter
Kit licenses provide access to ODBC databases only. Every edition (except
educational licenses) permits developers to distribute the software they
create with Revolution on every supported platform, royalty-free.


Runtime Revolution Limited is committed to the development of cutting-edge
professional programming software and engaging educational applications.
For more information about the company and its products, visit the Runtime
Revolution website at or email