Nuvo Group, USA ( has released the US$129 Gitmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System just in time for Macworld 2010. It allows expectant mothers to continue to get the most from their iPhone or iPod during pregnancy, by delivering music and sound recordings straight from their own iPod playlists in-utero.

A mom-to be wears a lightweight belt that hugs her pregnant belly. The belt has four encased speakers and a controller/stabilizer, the size of a deck of cards, which fits into a tiny pocket. Her own iPod, iPhone or other audio device with a universal stereo plug, connects to the controller.

The controller, otherwise known as Ritmo’s “brain,” actually learns the patterns of the music and regulates the output of sound to a stable and safe level for a baby to hear in-utero, regardless of how loud the sound was recorded and the volume that it is played.

The mom-to-be can listen to the music through her own ear buds along with the baby, or choose to focus on something else. It’s her choice.