CMS Plans Press Tour to Launch Disaster Recovery for Power Book Users

CMS Peripherals ( is preparing to launch their first
backup, recovery and external storage solution for Macintosh( OS 8.6 and 9
PowerBook( users at MacWorld … but before we do, we’d like to come by
your office and give you a “first look!”

Called the Automatic Backup System Plus (ABSplus), these pocket-sized
require no additional cables, power source, docking station, software or

The solution’s patent-pending ‘automatic launcher’ technology immediately
initiates a complete or incremental backup of the notebook’s HDD, storing
all data in native file format without requiring the user to input a single
software command.

Complete with Disaster Recovery (DR) software and a removable, bootable
hard drive enable users to replace a failed notebook drive with the drive
inside the ABS. Power up the PowerBook, and the user has complete access to
all backed up data, files, contact information and applications with
minimal downtime.

Additional modes of recovery include drag and drop as well as CMS’ Backup
and Compare to restore missing files.

With capacities ranging from 6GB to 40GB, users can backup or store files
and applications without taking up additional drive space on their
Plugged into a host system, all files, contacts, applications, etc. are
accessible from the ABSplus, which appears as an additional drive letter,
without requiring the installation of software or the transfer of files to
the system.

We will be in your area on Tuesday, November 27th. Please let me know if we
can schedule a time to bring the ABSplus to your office and give you a live

Best regards,


Tracy Laidlaw
Beyond Words, LLC