Omnis Studio 3.1 is THE cross-platform development tool

The Omnis Studio 3.1 release is a breakthrough for cross-platform,
multi-tier application development. Following the March 2001 release of the
Mac OS X version of Studio (3.02), the 3.1 release brings together all the
currently supported platforms, and adds Sun Solaris version 8 to the
platform mix. Omnis Studio is now one of the few development environments
that provides true cross platform development and deployment (both thick
and thin) under the all popular platforms, including Windows 95/98,
NT/2000, Mac OS X and Classic, Red Hat, SuSe and Caldera OpenLinux, as well
as Sun Solaris, the most popular form of Unix.

The Omnis Studio 3.1 release means you can develop your enterprise solution
under your chosen platform and deploy under any other platform, to either
your LAN, WAN, Intranet, or via the Internet, and with the Omduit plug-in
to all Palm OS supported devices. No other tool provides such power and
flexibility for your application development and deployment. In particular,
you can now host your Omnis web applications on the new Mac OS X or Solaris
Omnis Application Server, as well as the existing Windows NT/2000 Server.

The major features added to Studio 3.1 center around support for Mac OS X
and bringing all the supported platforms in line with each other. Omnis
Studio 3.1 fully supports the new Aqua interface from Apple and provides a
Porting tool to help you upgrade your applications to run under the
ground-breaking new OS. In addition, Studio 3.1 lets you define ‘themes’
for windows and fonts that control the appearance of your application under
Mac OS X, as well as provide equivalent appearance properties for other

About Omnis Studio

Omnis Studio is one of the most flexible and Rapid Application Development
(RAD) tools available today. Omnis Studio allows the independent or
team-based developer to create e-business and information management
solutions for companies and organizations of any size. Omnis Studio lets
you develop and deploy applications under Windows, Linux, and MacOS for
such diverse markets as healthcare, human resources, publishing, customer
relationship management, e-business, education, government, and more.

Using Omnis Studio, you can create form-based client applications that
access all leading server databases, including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and
Informix, as well as all ODBC-compliant databases, such as MySQL and MS SQL
Server. Omnis Studio version 3 is optimized for multi-tier and web-based
application development. For more information, visit our web site at:

About Raining Data

Raining Data Corporation, headquartered in Irvine, California, offers a
comprehensive suite of high-performance, cost-effective software
infrastructure solutions that enable developers to create highly scalable,
enterprise-level Web-enabled applications. With a powerful range of
low-cost, quick-to-market alternatives, the new product platform is
designed to meet the needs of Raining Data’s large combined base of
existing customers as well as new eBusiness software developers.

Raining Data’s flagship products are: 1) mvDesigner, the first
object-oriented rapid application development (RAD) tool developed for use
with multidimensional database applications, 2) Omnis Studio=AE — a
powerful, cross-platform, object-oriented RAD tool that is ideally suited
for developing sophisticated thick-client, Web-client, or ultrathin-client
database applications, and 3) a family of multidimensional database
management products that are the choice of thousands of application
developers worldwide.