Totally Hip Software Releases HipFlics 1.1 for Macintosh and Windows symbol:THW
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Vancouver, British Columbia – October 31, 2001 – Totally Hip Software
announces the release of HipFlics 1.1 for Macintosh Classic, OS X and
Windows operating systems. HipFlics 1.1 is now the most economical video
compression tool supporting all QuickTime 5 codecs, including Sorenson
Video 3.

“Totally Hip Software is pleased to release HipFlics 1.1 which is the first
cross platform video compression tool to fully support all of QuickTime 5’s
codecs. HipFlics does for video compression what Apple’s iMovie does for
video editing. HipFlics allows everyday consumers to produce high quality
video for the web or CD-ROM easily and quickly”, said Mr. David Gratton,
Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Totally Hip Software.

Video editors can use HipFlics 1.1’s elegant drag and drop interface and
timeline based control to process almost any digital video with ease.
HipFlics is a video compression tool that features an intuitively designed
interface that allows users to easily process their digital videos.
Professional features like multiple codec application, cropping,
watermarking, and filter application enables users to quickly produce great
video that is ready for the web or CD-ROM. For larger projects HipFlics 1.1
even supports multiple preview windows, batch processing and the saving and
exporting of settings.

HipFlics 1.0 was the first OS X compatible digital video compression and
enhancement tool. The new version 1.1 release has significant performance
improvements over 1.0, and now fully supports all of the compression codecs
released with QuickTime 5.

HipFlics 1.1 includes support for VP3, the open source codec from On2, as
well as the Sorenson Video 3 codec.

Additional HipFlics product information, web sales and demo versions can be
obtained at Retail pricing is $99.95 US and registered
owners of version 1.0 can obtain a free upgrade. Educational discounts are
available by contacting

Totally Hip Software’s mission is to develop software, enterprise
solutions, and services to effectively produce and deliver digital media
based solutions as an interactive video format, and to ensure our software
products are compatible with and complement established media file formats,
platforms, and standards. Totally Hip Software was founded in 1995 and is
an award winning developer of interactive Web development technologies.