(Windows version now in beta 4)

Contact: Kevin VanStrien

October 29th, 2001

Customer Tracker, an invoicing and customer database application, has been
updated to version 2.5. Customer Tracker can be used to store and track
jobs done for customers, print or email invoices, work logs, envelopes,
labels and more.

Customer Tracker 2.5 includes the following new features/fixes:
* Printing Changes
* Reworked the internal printing logic
* Generic Message on Invoices (with option to include it or not)
* Print Margins, can now set both top and side margin
* Add Font Size Setting to printing
* Add “Calculate Previous Balance” Option for printing
* Added small print preview
* Multiple Businesses
* Can now use to for multiple businesses each with it’s own files and
* A separate license is required for each business
* Esc or Command-. to cancel/exit most windows
* Corrected some OS X cosmetic problems
* Fixed print problem on non-invoice and no entries in date range
* Added Quantity field to Edit Entry as well
* New/Edit Entry Calculation Glitches
* Buttons to jump to web page and email in Quick Info Tab
* Added Preferences for appearance of Text Boxes
* Can now copy from a list box
* Can now select all from a list box and text boxes
* Can now undo changes made to a text box (until you leave the box)
* Added “Address 2” Line to customers and the company prefs
* Added “Country” to Company and Customer Information
* Corrected Invoice numbering problem
* Increased logo resolution if logo used is higher then 72 dpi

Customer Tracker 2.5 is available for $34.99 for new registrations and
$20.00 for upgrades from a 1.x version. Even though much has changed “under
the hood” I am keeping this a 2.x version and therefore there is no upgrade
fee as promised for any current 2.x customer.

Customer Tracker 2.5 is available for PPC (classic), OS X (10.1
recommended), older 68k machines, and now also for Windows.

Download or view more information at:

About Customer Tracker…
Customer Tracker is now entering into it’s 3rd year. It has gone though
many improvements, feature additions, and fixes thanks to the many helpful
emails I have received from the Mac community. I thank you for your support
and comments and for helping me to make Customer Tracker the best it can be!

Kevin VanStrien