TimeSlice, an easy-to-use time-tracking and billing application for Mac OS
8.6-10.x users and Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me and XP users, has been
added to the award-winning product line of Casady & Greene!

Don’t lose another billable hour
TimeSlice is useful for consultants, attorneys, graphic and web designers,
and anyone who bills for time, or needs a simple solution for keeping track
of time events.

Track all billable hours
TimeSlice helps to keep you on budget–you won’t lose another billable
minute! No more guessing the seconds, minutes or hours; no more hash marks
on pieces of paper to track the time spent on clients or projects. Best of
all, you can generate a professional report or invoice for that important
project or client.

Start tracking time easily with TimeSlice–just click a button to start
recording time, and click again to stop. Each time record contains:

* Date and start/stop time values
* Client, category, project, expense and hourly rate information
* Other related information you need to track such as paused time,
elapsed time, etc.

Pricing and Product Availability
TimeSlice is available as an electronic download from Casady & Greene, Inc.
at (http://www.casadyg.com) or by calling the phone order center at
800-359-4920 (U.S.) and 831-484-9228 (Intl.). For a limited time only
TimeSlice is available at an introductory price of $59.95 for Mac and
$39.95 for Windows. (Physical product will be shipping soon to all retail
outlets and mail order catalogs.)

Mac users can get more info and download a demo at:

Windows users can more get more information and download a demo at:

Registered owners of TimeSlice Mac v2.x may download v2.2.4 for free at:
(http://www.casadyg.com/downloads/?upName=27) or (http://www.casadyg.com).

Registered owners of TimeSlice Mac v1.x may upgrade to version 2.2.4 for
only $29.95 by visiting: (http://www.casadyg.com).

Registered owners of TimeSlice for Windows v1.x may download v1.5 for free
at: (http://www.casadyg.com/downloads/?upName=28) or

About Casady & Greene:
Casady & Greene has published innovative software products for business and
consumer needs since 1984.

The list below exemplifies the award-winning standards that have been
synonymous with Casady & Greene software since 1984. These high standards
are being continued on the Windows platform as well. If you need the
experience and contacts to bring your Macintosh or Windows program to
market, we can help. Learn more about publishing opportunities by
contacting us today!

Our impressive list of “firsts” on the Mac includes:
* First carbonized product for Mac OSX-2000
* First full-featured MP3 player/encoder for the Macintosh-1999
* First system utility to receive a perfect 5-star rating from
Macworld Magazine-1995
* First Power Mac Native game-1994
* First Power Mac Native startup manager-1994
* First Macintosh color game-1988
* First downloadable Postscript fonts-1984
* One of the first to produce a commercial Newton game-1993