Sony today introduced the Clie PEG-T415, a Palm OS-based handheld that features an infrared port for controlling audio/video equipment. The T415 features a 33MHz Dragonball processor, Palm OS 4.1, 8MB of memory, and can control most DVD players, TVs, VCRs and AV receivers from up to 15 feet away. Sony also introduced the PEGA-MSC1 Memory Stick Camera Module, which plugs into a Clie’s memory stick slot and allows digital photos to be taken and viewed on the Clie T415, N610C, N710C (if upgraded to Palm OS 4.1), and N760C handhelds. Both products will ship in November; the T415 will sell for around US$300 while the camera module will carry a $150 price tag. Mac users looking to sync a Sony Clie, which lacks out-of-the-box Mac support, will need to purchase The Missing Sync from MarkSpace for $29.95.