While Apple reported a better-than-expected financial picture for the fiscal-fourth quarter, the real details are in the numbers of unit sold, revenue from each product family, and sales by geographic region.

Data from Apple indicates 827,000 Mac systems sold in the quarter (19% less than a year ago quarter), with the breakdown being 306,000 iMacs (32% less), 190,000 iBooks (81% more), 225,000 Power Macs (36% less) and 106,000 PowerBooks (6% less). The iBook made up 59% of the $1.4 billion in product revenue, year-to-year, while all other products were in negative territory.

As for sales by geographic region, 500,000 Macs were sold in the US in the quarter (12% less than a year ago), 152,000 in Europe, Middle East and Africa (32% less), 128,000 in Japan (22% less) and 47,000 in other areas (20% less).