Updated Version 2.0 for FireAPI Professional IEEE-1394 Development Toolkit
is now available for download!

Unibrain is proud to announce that FireAPI 2.0 and ubCore 2.0 are now
available for download. These updated Windows versions adds a host of new
features, and also resolve some important issues from the previous version

If you are a customer and have an active support contract, please visit the
following URL to download FireAPI 2.0 and ubCore 2.0 software:

If your support contract has expired please e-mail us at
ubinfo@unibrain.com to request a new contract.

Here are a few highlights of FireAPI 2.0:
– Supports OHCI 1394 host controllers.
– Supports multiple host controllers under Win2000, Win9x and WinME. (This
feature was already supported under WinNT 4).
– Fixed isochronous receive and bus reset problems on multi CPU systems.
– Fixed isochronous transmit cancel.
– FireCommander recognizes OHCI 1394 host controllers.
– Supports all FireBoard400, FireBoard400-OHCI, FireCompact400 that have
the “ubCore 2.x Compatible” sticker.
– Supports both new and older-model FireBoard400s
– Updated manual and sample source codes