Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 6.5
Update Adds CSS Markup Tools, More Grep Power, Unix Scripting
Integration, Authenticated Saves, and More

Bedford, MA — October 17, 2001 — Bare Bones Software today announced the
release and immediate availability of version 6.5 of BBEdit ™, the
premier HTML and text editor for the Macintosh.

“In this world of pervasive Web content, BBEdit’s power and flexibility
continue to help you keep abreast of evolving needs and standards,” said
Rich Siegel, the founder, president and CEO of Bare Bones Software. “At the
same time, under Mac OS X, this new version of BBEdit blends the best of
the Mac user experience with more tightly coupled access to a rich
environment of Unix tools and services.”

BBEdit 6.5 introduces a host of new features, including markup and syntax
coloring support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), integration with Mac OS
X’s Unix command-line scripting systems, an all-new grep engine with
Perl-compatible regular expression syntax, syntax coloring for grep
patterns in the Find dialog, snap-to-grid palette dragging and resizing,
increased file filtering flexibility, and long file name support.

New Web Authoring Features

BBEdit’s industry-leading HTML markup tools now include support for
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), including syntax coloring, navigation of
rules using BBEdit’s function pop-up menu, and contextual markup support
via the “Tag Maker” interface.

A new automatic language guessing feature saves time and adds convenience
for Web developers and anyone else who frequently works with code obtained
from diverse sources. By inspecting a file’s contents, BBEdit can now
automatically determine what language settings to use for syntax coloring
and function navigation.

Other new features include syntax checking for WML 1.2 and 1.3 documents,
as well as syntax coloring and function navigation, including updated
keyword support, for PHP 4.

Mac OS X Features

BBEdit 6.5 doesn’t just run natively on Mac OS X — it embraces Mac OS X,
providing the same rich integration with the system and environment that it
has always offered. For example, BBEdit’s new Authenticated Save feature
provides the ability to modify and save files which you don’t own, upon
providing a correct administrator password. This means you can use BBEdit
6.5 to edit and save system configuration files and related items, without
ever resorting to the Terminal or Unix command line.

This new release also expands upon BBEdit’s existing support for Perl,
while extending the same text filtering and script development features to
other Unix scripting languages, including Python and shell scripts.
Brand-new Shell Worksheets make it possible to execute Unix commands and
view their output without leaving BBEdit. The new ‘bbedit’ command-line
tool allows you to open files into BBEdit from a Terminal window, and
accepts piped output from other Unix command line tools.

Other Mac OS X-specific enhancements include full support for “long” and
Unicode file names, Mac OS X “theme-savviness” throughout the user
interface, integration with Super Get Info, syntax coloring and function
navigation for Objective-C, and support for the Mac OS X Services menu.

General Improvements

BBEdit 6.5 includes a brand-new grep engine, based on the “PCRE” (Perl
Compatible Regular Expression) library. This brings unrivaled power and
flexibility when using regular expressions for searching and replacing with
BBEdit, including the use of back-references within search patterns,
“non-greedy” matching, and discrete match quantifiers.

To accompany these enhanced search capabilities, BBEdit now offers improved
file filtering for multi-file searching. A new “File Content” option makes
it possible to filter files based on their text content. Additionally,
multi-file “Find Differences” operations can now take advantage of file

Need a better editor for your development tasks? BBEdit 6.5 works as an
external editor for CodeWarrior Pro 7 when running on both Mac OS 9 and Mac
OS X. In addition, BBEdit integrates with Absoft Fortran for Mac OS X,
making the creation and maintenance of Fortran programs for your scientific
computing and visualization needs on Mac OS X more efficient.

For more information on BBEdit 6.5, or to download a fully functional demo
version, visit the company’s web site:


Pricing and Availability

BBEdit 6.5 has a suggested retail price of US$119. A discounted
cross-upgrade price of US$79 is available to owners of BBEdit Lite, Adobe
GoLive or Pagemill, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Claris HomePage, Microsoft
FrontPage, Metrowerks CodeWarrior and other qualifying products; for
details please visit the company’s Web site at
(, send email to (, or call
(781) 687-0700.

This new version is available immediately for purchase and download
directly from Bare Bones Software. CD-ROM packages will be available for
shipment within 2-3 weeks; for more information on estimated shipment
times, visit the Bare Bones Software web site, or contact any major
Macintosh software reseller.


Upgrades from Previous Versions

All registered owners of BBEdit version 2.5 and later are eligible to
upgrade to BBEdit 6.5 for US$39 plus shipping and handling (S&H not
applicable for download orders), by ordering directly from Bare Bones
Software. This version upgrade offer is not available through resellers.

Anyone who purchased BBEdit 6.1 on or after August 1, 2001 is eligible for
a free upgrade, and all currently registered customers who purchased on or
after that date will automatically be sent free upgrades starting within
the next 2 to 3 weeks. For more information or to determine eligibility,
please visit the company’s Web site at (, send
email to (, or call (781) 687-0700.

About Bare Bones Software, Inc.

Bare Bones Software, Inc., incorporated in 1994, is a privately-held
corporation based in Bedford, MA. BBEdit, the company’s flagship product,
has received numerous accolades from press and users, including an Editor’s
Choice award from C|Net’s, a rating of “Freakin’ Awesome” from
MacAddict Magazine, five mice from MacUser UK, a 2001 Macworld Editor’s
Choice Award nomination, as well as winning the 1997 Macworld World Class
Award for Best Web Authoring Tool and the 1996 MacUser Eddy Award for Best
Development Tool. For more information, visit (
or send email to (