Insider Software has announced the release of UpdateAgent X 10.1 today with support for Mac OS X 10.1, upgraded support for FTP and HTTP protocols for downloading Macintosh application updaters, as well as several maintenance fixes. UpdateAgent is a utility that brings all Macintosh applications up-to-date, including traditional Mac Classic applications, Classic apps carbonized for Mac OS X, and Cocoa applications written specifically for Mac OS X systems. The new version of UpdateAgent contains direct support for both protocols, attempting to download first via FTP, then via HTTP if FTP fails. Insider UpdateAgent X is free to all existing users of the updating service. New users can try a demo version that displays all files required to bring a system’s applications up-to-date and downloads free Mac OS updates. The full version downloads updaters for all applications and costs US$49.95 for a full year of Internet-based updates.