Apple has updated its PowerBook G4 and iBook configurations, improving performance and value across the board. The new PowerBook G4 is available in 550MHz (US$2,199) and 667MHz ($2,999) configurations, with 128MB and 256MB of RAM, and 20GB and 30GB hard drives, respectively. Apple has also upgraded the video card to a 16MB ATI Mobility Radeon and added Gigabit ethernet (an Apple-first, apparently), although both models continue to feature just a DVD-ROM drive (a CD-RW drive can be configured via built-to-order, but no combo drive is available). Also, the 667MHz model ships with an AirPort card standard and features a 133MHz bus (versus 100MHz). Through December 31, a new Apple promotion dubbed “Double for nothing” offers twice the RAM with any PowerBook G4 purchase. The new iBooks all feature a 600MHz G3 processor, with the exception of the low-end model which remains at 500MHz, 128MB of RAM, and are available with various drives: 15GB/CD-ROM ($1,299), 15GB/DVD-ROM ($1,499), 15GB/CD-RW ($1,599), 20GB/DVD/CD-RW ($1,699).