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Apple soups up PowerBook, iBook offerings

Apple has updated its PowerBook G4 and iBook configurations, improving performance and value across the board. The new PowerBook G4 is available in 550MHz (US$2,199) and 667MHz ($2,999) configurations, with 128MB and 256MB of RAM, and 20GB and 30GB hard drives, respectively. Apple has also upgraded the video card to a 16MB ATI Mobility Radeon and added Gigabit ethernet (an Apple-first, apparently), although both models continue to feature just a DVD-ROM drive (a CD-RW drive can be configured via built-to-order, but no combo drive is available). Also, the 667MHz model ships with an AirPort card standard and features a 133MHz bus (versus 100MHz). Through December 31, a new Apple promotion dubbed “Double for nothing” offers twice the RAM with any PowerBook G4 purchase. The new iBooks all feature a 600MHz G3 processor, with the exception of the low-end model which remains at 500MHz, 128MB of RAM, and are available with various drives: 15GB/CD-ROM ($1,299), 15GB/DVD-ROM ($1,499), 15GB/CD-RW ($1,599), 20GB/DVD/CD-RW ($1,699).

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