Announcing OpenBase SQL 7.0

Major New Release Brings New Power and Ease-of-Use to Fault-Tolerant
OpenBase SQL.

– New features include: Java stored procedures; built-in credit card
payment processing;
– New OpenBase Manager interface; ODBC for MacOS 9 & other platforms
– New, broader product family — includes free deployment license

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA – OCTOBER 5, 2001 – OpenBase International,
Ltd., today released OpenBase=81 SQL 7.0, a powerful new version of their
database software. Proven in realworld applications since 1991, OpenBase
SQL gained its popularity for delivering both: scalable performance and
fault-tolerant data protection in an affordable, easy-to-use database.

Now, with the release of 7.0, OpenBase SQL makes it easier than ever to
design, build and deploy the next-generation of internet and client/server
database applications.

Java stored procedures: Centralizing business logic OpenBase SQL 7.0 comes
with built-in support for Java stored procedures, making it easy for
developers to take immediate advantage of thousands of pre-built Java
components. Business logic can now be centralized and seamlessly integrated
with any device that supports Java. The result is far less duplication of
code and lower costs.

Automated e-business functions: Processing credit card payments through the
database In addition to support for stored procedures, OpenBase SQL 7.0
also provides centralized e-business functions, such as e-mail integration
and automated credit card payment processing with address verification.
OpenBase makes it easier and more cost-effective to implement innovative
solutions, while achieving greater return on investment.

Easier than ever database design, installation and administration The
leader in ease-of-use, OpenBase continues to simplify database design and
administration with the introduction of increasingly sophisticated and
automated management tools. New 7.0 ease-of-use features include: a more
powerful OpenBase Manager interface, a dynamic tool bar, realtime database
load monitoring, streamlined installation, automated version updates, and
cut-and-paste with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for quicker, easier

Ultra-Fast Performance
OpenBase SQL comes with high performance database features typically
costing up to thousands of dollars more on other databases. For example, in
addition to document text searching, OpenBase SQL 7.0 supports document
word indexing for ultra-fast text searching. OpenBase 7.0 also comes with
improved query optimization for even faster response times.

New range of scalable, affordable solutions from entrepreneur to
e-enterprise A new family of OpenBase SQL products make it easier than ever
to choose the right database solution for today — and upgrade smoothly and
cost-effectively to meet the demands of the future.

The new OpenBase SQL product family ranges from a free OpenBase Innovator=81
deployment license, to the top-of-the-line OpenBase Power Center Enterprise
Edition=81, a non-stop mirrored database solution with built-in automated
e-business functions.

Industry standard innovation
OpenBase SQL 7.0 supports all of today’s popular platforms and comes with
all the industry standard tools and interfaces today’s developers need,
including native support for WebObjects 5 and ODBC for MacOS and other
platforms. Also standard on 7.0 are: JDBC 2.0 Level 4 Driver, EOF 4.5
Adaptor, 4D Plugin, REALbasic Plugin, ODBC support, PHP compatibility, and
the Cocoa OpenBase API Framework.

For more information, please visit OpenBase at

About OpenBase
OpenBase SQL has been the database of choice for developers delivering
innovative, industrial-strength applications since 1991. OpenBase SQL
database solutions deliver the scalable performance and uninterruptable
data integrity and data availability e-business demands — at a fraction of
the cost of comparable solutions. OpenBase SQL comes with all the tools and
interfaces developers need to deliver the next generation of internet and
client/server applications quickly and cost-effectively.