ATI Technologies, which supplies the graphics chips for most Apple systems, this morning reported an adjusted profit of US$2.2 million for its fourth quarter (unadjusted, the company posted a net loss of $45.2 million). Revenues for the quarter came in at $229.1 million, a 6.7 percent decline from the previous year. For fiscal 2001, ATI posted an adjusted net loss of $16.3 million ($54.2 million unadjusted) as revenues declined 19.1 percent to $1.04 billion. With new Radeon cards in the pipeline and royalties from Nintendo’s ATI-powered GameCube, ATI is optimistic about the coming year. There’s been much speculation during the past year that Apple, which for years relied exclusively on ATI graphics, may be replacing ATI’s graphics chips with those from rival nVIDIA, as it has done with the Power Mac G4.