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October 1, 2001

1stKIOSK Delivers New KlearKIOSK=81
Interactive Display

(Valencia, CA) 1stKIOSK of Valencia, CA, announces a new, affordable and
reliable kiosk system shipping immediately: the KlearKIOSK=81.

The KlearKIOSK is a self-contained, pedestal style kiosk system that
incorporates a touch-enabled Apple iMac as its versatile presentation
engine. The KlearKIOSK is perfect for k-business=81: interactive retail
displays, museums, gift registries, building or campus directories, trade
show or educational exhibits. There is so much more.

The 1stTOUCH=81 PSR1=81 touch screen is a pressure sensitive, resistive syst=
that provides 4096 x 4096 points of touch, the highest resolution USB touch
screen system available. 1stTOUCH PSR1 is ideal for public displays because
it can be used with a bare hand, glove, stylus or even a prosthetic device.
With its 7-point calibration system, the 1stTOUCH PSR1 is very responsive,
resists drift and requires little maintenance.

The KlearKIOSK takes full advantage of the iMac’s built-in and optional
media features which include a 500-700 MHz G3 Processor, 256K of level 2
cache running at processor speed, 15″ shadow mask CRT with .28mm dot pitch,
ATI Rage 128 Ultra, AGP 2x video with 16MB SDRAM, video mirroring with
resolutions up to 1024 x 768, slot loading CD or CD-RW drive, 20-60 GB
Ultra ATA internal hard disk, RAM expandable to 1 GB, dual channel USB, and
dual Firewire (IEEE 1394) ports. The KlearKiosk is suitable for
international voltage environments and is Energy Star compliant

For superb audio, the KlearKIOSK has a built-in microphone (for voice
recognition), headphone jacks, and front mounted, dual Harmon Kardon
Odyssey speakers. KlearKIOSK also has support for external analog and USB
audio devices.

For high speed network and Internet connectivity the KlearKIOSK includes
built-in RJ-45, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet or an optional 11 Mbps Airport
wireless Ethernet (IEEE 802.11b) connection. The built-in 56K v.90 modem
allows for connectivity wherever there is a telephone line.

Optional 3rd party accessories can be added to enrich the interactive,
k-business experience. These options include magnetic card readers, bar
code scanners, smart card readers, proximity detectors, mirrored external
video displays, sound domes, and thermal or laser printers.

The KlearKIOSK is versatile. Projects can be quickly deployed using any of
the 1,000’s of feature rich applications currently shipping for Mac OS 8.x,
9.x. Native OS X drivers are in development and should be shipping before

But the KlearKiosk is even more flexible. With the addition of Connectix’
Virtual PC application, the KlearKIOSK interactive display can deploy
projects originally developed for Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or
Red Hat Linux, too.

The KlearKIOSK includes the attractive KrystalKLEAR=81 iPEDESTAL=81. Uniquel=
designed of durable, Lexan=AE plastic, the iPEDESTAL requires less than two
square feet of precious floor space. Lexan fasteners secure the iMac front
and rear and also block access to the power button and CD slot.

The KlearKIOSK blends into any decor and has optional literature and poster
enhancements. Small enough to be moved, the KlearKiosk can also bolted to
the floor if desired.

The KlearKIOSK is so affordable it be used individually in multiple venues
or grouped into clusters of 2 to 6 units at a single site.

The KlearKIOSK is wheelchair accessible and complies with the Americans
with Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act.

Prices for the KlearKIOSK begin at US$2,999.00 plus shipping and handling.

1stKIOSK is a joint venture between Digital Resources, an Apple Authorized
Value-Added Reseller and Apple Solution Expert, and T2D, Inc., an Apple
Developer first to market with ADB and USB touch screen enhancements for
the MacOS. In addition to MacOS based products, our standard touch screen
product line includes native systems for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, Win2K, and
Red Hat Linux.

1stKIOSK brings together more than two decades of technology leadership
into a unique blend of computer network integration, graphic communication
and touch screen experience. 1stKIOSK’s mission is to promote k-business by
delivering innovative, reliable and affordable interactive presentation
systems and dynamic digital signage to a global market.

1stKIOSK Your First Choice for Interactive Displayssm

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