While not noted on Apple’s retail store page, an image that appeared on Apple’s Hot News page earlier today reveals that it plans to open a store in Buffalo, New York, at the Walden Galleria on Saturday, October 6. Apple’s Palo Alto, California, store at University Avenue is also scheduled to open this Saturday. Updated (16:00) MacMinute has learned that the graphic on Apple’s site is outdated and in error. The store will not open this weekend, but is scheduled to open “later this month,” Apple representatives said. Meanwhile, one MacMinute reader added this perspective on the Buffalo store:

“I have seen the location of the Walden Galleria Apple store and it is an excellent spot in the mall. It is located on the second floor right next to the massive food court and 8 theater cinamaplex, and it has a GAP and 2-floor Galyan’s Sports store right across from it. By far this is the most heavily trafficked part of the mall. During winter there are so many people walking there, it can actually be unbearable. A lot of them will be ducking and hiding into the Apple store, I bet.”