Picture Play 1.2.5 has been officially released as of October 1, 2001.
It is available for Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.0 ) 9.2.1.

You can grab it from our site at http://www.crescendosw.com

Picture Play is an application for creating compositions of many
images. It is basically an electronic collage. You can use it to
incorporate multiple images into a single artistic image, and add
text labels as well.

Picture Play is proudly available exclusively for the Mac OS and Made
With REALbasic.


New In This Version :
* New Features
– New window to set up name and dimensions when creating a new document
– Ability to work with centimetres, millimetres, and inches as
well as pixels for layer sizing positioning, and work area dimensions
– Comprehensive contextual menus added for work area covering all commands
– Added the ability to paste text from the clipboard into a layer
* Enhancements
– Minor cosmetic enhancements and the rearrangement of palettes to
conserve screen real estate
– Layer palette resizer changed to react to command click instead
of double click to optimally resize palette
– Window scroll bars now update window while being dragged
– Layer dimensions reset function moved to Layer Tools menu
– Change Depth tool removed
– Classic icons fixed, they now look a lot nicer
* Bug Fixes
– Rotate tool now remembers transparency and undos properly
– Rotate tool no longer crashes when given a negative value
– Windows update properly after being hidden


Features :
* Fully independent multi-layered work space
* Support for many image file formats
* Simple, uncluttered interface
* Transparency, rotation, trimming, and more image manipulation routines
* Built-in text creation for labels and headings
* Independent background color and image
* Powerful display options to suit all systems and styles
* Export capability to many image file formats for layers and the document
* Cheap and easy registration
* Proudly made with REALbasic

If you have any queries, email me at chris@crescendosw.com.

Chris Carruthers, Crescendo Software.