Subject: Password Retriever 2.1 Released

This is a general note from Koingo Software ( to
inform you that we have released Password Retriever 2.1 for $9.95.

Download Carbon (MacOS X) version:

Download PPC (MacOS 8/9) version:

Information Link:


What’s new (each item is seperated by a hard line break):
1. New Feature: Added closebox to main window.
2. New Feature: Log now records if access to database fails and logging
is on.
3. New Feature: Added global “floater” which displays your login and
password for the selected service in PWR. Arrows on this floater adjust
which service you see.In essence, you can browse your entire PWR
database from any application!
4. Removed: Tooltips, please use the documentation instead.
5. Removed: “Select All” – more hassle than it’s worth, you also don’t
really need it for one line editfields.
6. Bug Fix: Icons in Menus on/off now works.
7. Bug Fix: Works better on MacOS X
8. Bug Fix: Import now works properly.
9. Bug Fix: Delete key now works even when the focus ring isn’t around
the list.
10. Bug Fix: Copy as Account now works properly.
11. Modification: Purchase option now takes you to our purchase web page.
12. Enhancement: Core reprogrammed, better compatibility.
13. Enhancement: Log records many more types of information.
14. Enhancement: News & Updates window now lets you choose which field
to update.

Thanks for your time,

Josh Hague
President, Founder
Koingo Software Canada