Maxum Development Releases Rumpus 2.0

September 20, 2001. Earlier today, Maxum Development Corp. released Rumpus
2.0, a major update to the company’s high-performance FTP server package.
The new version adds a number of important new features and capabilities,
and runs natively under Mac OS X (as well as Classic Mac OS).

“It’s been a while since we have had a major revision to Rumpus,” said John
O’Fallon, President of Maxum, “because version 1.3 was extremely reliable
and worked really well. For version 2.0, we’ve built on that stable, solid
FTP implementation and added more flexible and improved security, better
control over user activity, and of course, Mac OS X native operation.”

While Apple Computer’s Mac OS X Server includes FTP services, Maxum hopes
Rumpus on OS X will satisfy two important needs. First, Rumpus fills a
niche as a dedicated FTP server for administrators who don’t need all of
the services, complexity and expense of OS X Server. Second, Rumpus offers
a significantly more flexible and “Mac-like” alternative to the Unix-ported
server built into Mac OS X Server.

As with the recent Mac OS X release of PageSentry, Maxum’s Internet server
failure recovery package, the new version is not merely a port to OS X but
offers a number of compelling enhancements as well:

* Upload Notices – When new files are uploaded to the server, Rumpus
can now notify the administrator (or anyone else) by sending an e-mail
or take other action by executing an AppleScript. Upload Notices can
be assigned to individual user accounts, allowing different actions to
be taken based on who uploaded the file.

* Folder Sets – Rumpus’ built-in security mechanism has been extended to
allow administrators to set access privileges to individual folders on
the server. A “Folder Set” can be created that increases or restricts
user access rights, then quickly be applied to any number of individual
user accounts.

* User Account Limits – User access can now be restricted to a set
transfer rate, by a quota defined by the ratio of uploads to downloads,
and by simultaneous connections using a single user account. Setting a
maximum transfer rate, for example, allows the Rumpus administrator to
restrict bandwidth allocated to each user, ensuring even performance
among all users.

* Direct HTTP User Account Management – User accounts can now be
managed remotely using Rumpus’ stand-alone Web administration server.
Rumpus will also still function as a CGI for use with popular Mac OS
Web servers.

* Enhanced Security – A user-selectable encryption key can now be used
to secure the Rumpus user database, adding additional security,
especially on servers running other applications in addition to
Rumpus. Version 2.0 also includes all previous security updates to
block known denial of service attacks.

The new version is a free update for owners who purchased their original
copy within the past year. Other users can upgrade the Standard version for
$79 or the Professional version for $129. For complete details on the
Rumpus upgrade policy, a free demonstration version, and other information,
visit the Rumpus home page at:

Founded in 1991, Maxum Development became the first company to ship
commercial Internet products for the Macintosh when it released NetCloak
and NetForms in 1994. Since that time, Maxum has continued to innovate with
a series of unique, widely acclaimed Internet server products.