Olympus today introduced two new digital cameras, the high-end, five megapixel Camedia E-20N, and the mid-range, two megapixel Brio D-230. The E-20N features a 9mm-36mm Zoom ED (the equivalent of a 35mm-140mm 35mm photography zoom), a maximum shutter speed of 1/18,000 of a second in progressive scan mode, and a built-in Intervolometer for timed shots from one minute to 24 hours. The E-20N will ship next month with a 32MB SmartMedia card for US$1,999. The D-230 is a US$349 digital camera that features a 5x telephoto zoom, a shutter release time of 0.3 seconds, and weighs just six ounces. The D-230 ships with a 16MB SmartMedia card and uses AA batteries.