The computer industry continues to show their support for those affected by the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington on Tuesday. RadGad announced that it is donating all profits from its online store and toll free number to the American Red Cross. The offer includes all RadGad products ordered today through September 30, 2001 via RadGad’s Web site or toll free number (877-5-RADGAD). From now until September 30, 2001 PagePlanet Software will donate fifty percent of all gross sales of Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) to the fund being set up to assist the survivors of the brave fire and police forces who lost their lives in the World Trade Center tragedy. And Koingo Software Canada will donate US$2.00 from every sale of the Koingo Software Utility Package for the next thirty days to the American Red Cross. Updated 9:25 – Aladdin Systems has pledged to donate $1 from each sale from its online store to the Red Cross between September 12 and October 12. Microsoft has made one of the largest donations: $5 million in cash and $5 million in software and services for relief groups and government agencies dealing with the attack. The software giant will also match donations from its 44,000 employees. Several other members of corporate America have also made significant donations: Cisco Systems, $6 million; Motorola, communications gear; and GE, $10 million, for example. Updated 12:05 – Intelli Innovations has announced it will donate $10 from each software sale through its Web site to the Red Cross. is accepting donations to the Red Cross — more than $2.5 milliom has been raised — as is PayPal, the popular online payment services. All donations are tax deductable and both companies are waiving their normal fees so that all donations go to the cause.