4D, Inc. Announces 4th Dimension 2003 with Integrated Web Services that Enhance
Application Integration Capabilities

— Major New Version of 4th Dimension with Complete Integrated Web Services
Support, Including XML, SOAP & WSDL for Rapid Web Services Development —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 7, 2003 – Macworld Expo Booth #1442 – 4D,
Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR
Server Suite, today announced 4th Dimension 2003, now with support for
integrated Web Services, application integration, and much more. With Web
services and application integration capabilities, 4th Dimension 2003
allows different applications to reuse each other’s data and functionality.
This groundbreaking new tool also includes an integrated compiler,
increased scalability, new printing and reporting features, and radically
enhanced developer programming capabilities such as a new method editor.

“Whether you’re a custom developer, an IT professional, or an end user, 4th
Dimension 2003 has your needs covered, said Brendan Coveney, president and
CEO of 4D, Inc. “Integrated support for Web services that provide
application integration capabilities, combined with the power of Mac OS X
version 10.2 lets 4th Dimension 2003 change the way business is done. Now
customized, cost-effective solutions that significantly improve
productivity are within anyone’s reach.”

“Jaguar is the world’s most advanced operating system, and Mac OS X native
applications allow developers to create the next generation of applications
today,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer
Relations. “We’re pleased that 4D is furthering the development of native
Mac OS X applications with 4th Dimension 2003, combining the benefits of a
powerful operating system with cutting edge Web services technology.”

Web Services, New Reporting Engine and More Committed to technology
standards, 4th Dimension 2003 includes tightly integrated support for SOAP,
XML and WSDL in its Web Services support. Advanced Web services server and
client support are included to provide scalable, flexible development
capabilities. In addition, developer-friendly wizards create all the code
necessary to call Web services. XML import/export and programmatic XML
parsing is also now included from directly inside 4th Dimension 2003.

For developers, the new Method Editor provides numerous enhancements to
improve productivity. New printing features allow developers to customize
printing processes even further, and an integrated compiler gives
developers the ability to rapidly compile code from directly within Mac OS
X, resulting in a speed improvement of at least 50%.

Offering end users increased flexibility and power, 4th Dimension 2003 also
provides a new reporting engine that makes customized report generation
even easier. An enhanced Quick Report Editor gives users versatile ways to
create comprehensive reports with ease, including cross-tab and list
reports, without the need for external expertise. Furthermore, direct
output to HTML and XML formats enable 4th Dimension 2003 to receive and
send reports via the Web and Web services with new options.

For more information about 4th Dimension 2003 see (http://www.4D.com/2003).

About 4D, Inc.

Located in San Jose, California, 4D, Inc. is the U.S. distributor of 4th
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