ksoft is pleased to announce the latest version of CPLAT (version 3.5), a
low-cost cross-platform framework for MacOS and Windows development.

This version features the following major new features: Linux support –
this version includes beta Linux support for the framework. The majority of
the classes are now in place for Linux. The CP_Demo has about 90%
functionality under Linux, with the remainder coming shortly. New set of
text classes for text editing with WASTE, MLTE, and RichEdit2. Many new
demos and classes.
CodeWarrior Pro 7 Carbon and MachO support. Updated class reference in both
HTML and PDF format.

CPLAT is an easy-to-use full-featured (not just a thin layer over the
underlying OS) modern C++ (STL, exception handling) framework for
MacOS/Windows/Linux development including support for the lastest MacOS
technologies including MLTE, sheets, MacOSX and Carbon, and Windows
applications for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. The Linux version uses the Gtk/Gdk
widget set.

CPLAT also includes a RADTool / Resource Editor for importing / creating /
editing the resources your application uses including, menus, icons,
pictures, cursors, patterns, windows, alerts, dialogs, strings. You can
create a single resource and generate the appropriate resource definition
for MacOS/Windows/Linux.

CPLAT is available for $50 and includes complete source code, headers and
projects to the framework, demos and RADTool / Resource Editor (including
source code). Updates are posted approximately every 4-8 weeks to
registered users.

Full details and the lastest trial versions / demos can be found at:

Thank you,