TrendyDigital Design has unveiled the US$44.99 Dimension Case ( for Apple’s iPad. It looks like a jacket, but protects the tablet device in a frame case at the right side. The frame case has openings for all the access points of the iPad.

Users can interact with iPad in this jacket setting. However, if users want to be able to carry their protected iPad device around, they can separate the frame case from its base cover.

When the user is tired of holding the iPad in its framed case, he can attach the frame case to its base cover. If stand viewing is desirable, the case can be converted into a viewing stand once the frame case is attached back to its base cover. The viewing stand can be adjusted to several angles.

The Dimension product line has several variations.  The variations differ on how the attaching mechanism is implemented. The first introduction is called the Dimension Case V Series. The V series use strength Velcro band as the attaching mechanism.