Customer and Technical Support-oriented Online Community Solution for
Cost-Effective Support and Customer Feedback

SAN FRANCISCO, September 5, 2001 — Web Crossing, Inc. today announced its
newest specialized community solution, Support Crossing. Support Crossing
is a new Web Crossing-based intranet/extranet implementation pre-configured
with tools especially tailored for customer and technical support. Now
setting up a high-quality, full strength online customer support space is
easy, with ticket tracking and support team administration features. Beyond
direct technical support, Support Crossing makes it easier than ever to
establish an online community space for enthusiastic customers to help each
other and provide valuable feedback to the company. Support Crossing is
available today as a complete server hosted solution or as a licensed
product on all major platforms. Complete Support Crossing information is
located at (http://webcrossing.com/aboutsc).

“Web Crossing’s tradition is in feature rich technology for online
communities and collaboration groups,” said Tim Lundeen, founder and CEO of
Web Crossing. “Technical and customer support organizations have long been
enthusiastic users of Web Crossing, allowing us to learn exactly what they
need and how they work. Now we’ve incorporated these lessons and tools into
the best online technical and customer support solution on the market

“When a business wants to learn how to satisfy its customers, there is no
better way than through listening to what they have to say directly to the
business and to each other,” explained Cliff Figallo, author of Hosting Web
Communities. “Web Crossing’s ‘Support Crossing’ provides specialized and
cost-effective forums for customer questions, concerns, suggestions and
ideas–all invaluable resources for any business looking to improving its
products, relating to customers and earning their loyalty.”

Powerful, Automated Customer Support and Community Support Crossing
automatically transfers tickets amongst technicians based on customizable
ticket categories, product categories and problem class, with hot items
easily identified by color and position on a screen. “Priority” tickets
trigger an email follow-up reminder to technicians after a pre-set number
of minutes.

At the onset, each ticket is automatically assigned a unique tracking
number, and automatically archived once closed. Support Crossing attaches
all relevant files to tickets saving time and ensuring technicians have all
relevant materials at their fingertips. An unlimited number of files can be
attached to a ticket such as log files, text files, and screen captures.
Support Crossing’s ticket tracking system provides a complete audit trail,
including any billing support.

Now, customers can participate in ongoing discussions with a community of
involved customers to get their questions answered and maximize their
experience. Companies can save on market research costs by listening to
their customers discuss the product with each other. A familiar browser
interface allows customers to request support any time from anywhere around
the globe. Live chat sessions between customers and support staff are
automatically recorded and added to the support ticket. Support by email is
easy with appropriate information automatically added, such as customer
name, address, organization, cc, sent time, etc.

Beyond discussion groups, chat and ticket tracking, Support Crossing
provides a support organization with a full internal email infrastructure
including personal mailboxes, Webmail, POP3, IMAP and SMTP, plus email list
serving and autoresponding. Easy administration features reduce
administration training costs and helps management organize, schedule and
track their support staff. To demonstrate Support Crossing see
(http://webcrossing.com/sc2). For more information and a complete list of
features see (http://webcrossing.com/aboutsc).

About Web Crossing Software
Built on a scalable Internet/intranet server, Web Crossing features
threaded or linear discussions, integrated newsgroups and mailing lists,
full email services, secure communications, personal calendar, real-time
chat and live event functionality, all highly extensible with powerful web
application programming capabilities. About Web Crossing, Inc.
Web Crossing, Inc. is the Internet’s virtual-communities powerhouse,
committed to providing high-quality software and related services at a fair
price. Web Crossing software is scalable, customizable and highly
extensible to address the needs of virtual communities and collaborative
groups. Privately held, Web Crossing, Inc. runs its own business using Web
Crossing to work with its customers and employees from San Francisco to
Boston and Tokyo. Award-winning Web Crossing software serves over 15
million pages per day at thousands of sites, including well-known, high
traffic sites as CNN, NY Times, Apple, Adobe and Autodesk. Further
information on Web Crossing software and Web Crossing, Inc. may be obtained
by calling 916/771-7099, accessing Web Crossing’s Web site at
(http://www.webcrossing.com), or sending email to info@webcrossing.com.