WestCiv Webware releases version 2.0 of their cascading style sheet editor
Style Master for the Macintosh.

September 5, 2001 – Bondi Beach, Australia – WestCiv Webware announced
today the release and immediate availability of Style Master version 2.0,
their CSS development environment for web professionals.

CSS, a cornerstone of standards compliant, accessible web development,
gives developers control over the appearance of whole sites through changes
to a single style sheet. Style Master provides a framework for editing CSS,
helping developers avoid its pitfalls through WYSIWYG editors, integrated
browser support and innovative online help. Widely adopted by novice
developers needing to flatten the CSS learning curve, Style Master is also
invaluable to experts too busy to waste time remembering countless CSS
properties, selectors and values, and their level of browser support.

Style Master supports all of the CSS2 specification including the
positioning properties. This major upgrade incorporates

* powerful find and replace
* other tools for direct hand editing of style sheets, including color
coded syntax and user control over white space in the generated style
* automated creation of style sheets from legacy, appearance based HTML:
a great aid in transitioning to CSS
* closer integration with other editing tools such as text editors
* support for WAP 2.0 wireless web development
* advanced linking options including the ability to link whole sites in a
single stroke
* browser support information extended to Opera 5 and Internet Explorer 6
* support for @media and @import rules, vital for truly interoperable,
platform independent web development
* numerous improvements in interface and performance.

Style Master 2.0 brings the ease of use of a WYSIWYG editor and now, the
power and flexibility of hand-coding, to the CSS standard.

For more information contact:

Maxine Sherrin
WestCiv Webware
5/121 Curlewis St
Bondi NSW 2026 Australia
61 2 9130 1731