Malus Softwares releases Sambucus 1.2

Montr=E9al, Qu=E9bec, CANADA – August 30th, 2001 Malus Softwares released to=
Sambucus 1.2, the multi-tasks time-management freeware for the Macintosh.
This version introduces the capability to select a different currency
symbol than the default “$”. It also introduces a basic exporting feature
of time-stamps to a tab-delimited text file.


Through a simple interface, the user can manage the time spent on different
projects, each divided into one or more tasks. Furthermore, notes can be
saved for each task. Like all Malus products, Sambucus is offered in both
english and french versions, and the “Undo” function is only limited by the
amount of memory allocated to the application; this way the user can safely
try-out features, knowing that the action can be undone.

System Requirements

– MacOS 8.0 or later (Sambucus *is not* optimised for MacOS X);
– at least 3MB of RAM;
– 1.6MB of disk space for the application (projects will also use
disk space);
– PowerPC machine.


Sambucus 1.2 is available immediately on Malus Softwares’ website:
( )

About Malus Softwares

=ABSoftware solutions and databases for the Macintosh user=BB

Malus Softwares is a Montr=E9al-based company that specializes in the
developement of applications and databases for the Macintosh. We make sure
that all our products are of the highest quality, bilingual and easy to
use. Even if the company is relatively young, our staff has years of
programming experience. Come take a look! ( )

Jean Le Clerc & Sophie Coupal