August 25, 2001

MacMuse Software, Shareware for Education, announces the release of version
4.1 of QuizMaker Pro, the all-in-one quiz application for the Macintosh.
This upgrade adds several user requested features as well as fixing some
bugs from version 4.0. Version 4.1 is a free upgrade for registered user of
4.0 and a $5 upgrade for users of previous versions. A manual, as well as a
utility to convert quizzes from QMPro versions prior to 4.0, are included
with the download. Online help is available within the application.

Registrations are $18 single, $100 site, and $5 upgrade from version 3.x.
Registration information is included with the program.

More Information: ( Direct

System Requirements:
Any Power PC Macintosh
Macintosh Sys 7.6.1 or newer
640×480 monitor or larger
3.8 Meg Hard Drive space
4 Megs free RAM
(optional) QuickTime required for showing .tiff and JPEG formats

QuizMaker Pro 4.1
is a full-featured Macintosh application which generates, administers,
archives, and scores multiple choice, matching, and short answer tests. In
this program, the user (teacher) can:

* Create and save multiple choice, matching, or short answer tests.

* Edit previous tests.

* Have the computer administer the tests to students, notify students of
their scores, allow them to review missed questions.

* Teacher can see individual student scores and analyze scores by test or
by class..

* Print copies of the test or print the scores for the class.

* Include pictures and/or explanations to accompany each question.

* Analyze test results by class or by test.

* Use many other features.

New Features & Fixes in QuizMaker Pro 4.1 * Added preference to require a
student password before a test can be taken.

* Added a preference to allow test takers to exit before the test is completed.

* Added ability to include a picture with Matching Quizzes.

* Added “Save As…” option to all test creating screens.

* Splash Screen now uses the entire monitor.

* Not allowed to create a duplicate class name.

* Picture view in the large screen is scaled, no longer cropped.

* Errors in Manual fixed

* Fixed bug in Create Class Screen which caused names to be lost.

* Fixed printing problem with picture and only 2 answers.

* Strip spaces from Short Answers so they won’t affect the correct answer.

* Not allowed to leave answer blank when creating Short Answer questions.

* Low score no longer displays as 100% when no users have taken test.

* Fixed bug which caused app to crash on Test analysis when total questions
given varied.

* Improved printing of Multiple Choice and Matching tests

* Remove low and high ASCII characters from Score file name which caused
one user problems when file was looked for by QuizMaker Pro.

* Improved ConvertQMP to version 1.01. Now reads answers correctly.

New Features in QuizMaker Pro 4.0

* Windows, buttons and general appearance upgraded and modernized

* “Short Answer” quiz capability added

* Adding pictures to questions made much easier

* All scores for a test saved in same file.

* Tests can now be analyzed by class or by test including frequency of
wrong answers by question.

* New option to prohibit students from seeing scores or reviewing answers.

* Print out of individual scores contains more information.

* Improved test printing

* Multiple tests can be “Linked” together creating a smooth testing

* Students select their class and their name with single clicks.

Roger M. Clary
MacMUSE Software
Shareware for Education