Spicy Efficiency – 1 Slot Chassis – Help get your Show on the Road

SAN DIEGO, CA – September 15, 2000: MAGMA announces another portable
production/recording breakthrough. Introducing the 1 Slot CardBus to PCI
Expansion System. This solution increases your techno-knob twirling ability
to add an additional PCI slot to an Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo or a PC
laptop supporting a PC CardBus interface. Professionals now have the
freedom to attach practically anything to their portable computer,
including audio cards or video cards.

MAGMAs new line of expansion chassis promise to provide the various audio,
video, satellite communications and other industries, a non-linear
full-blown “on the road” workstation. The 1 Slot is available in two models
– Model CB1F accommodates a full-length PCI card and Model CB1H
accommodates a half-length PCI card. All this potential is packaged in a
tiny (5.45 W x 8.02 H x 1.70, Model CB1H) battery powered aluminum chassis
that weighs less than 2.5 pounds, without customer card. An external AC
power supply (120V AC adapter, included) provides the ability to run off a
wall plug. Because this system operates on 12-volt DC input power, users
have the option to run off a car lighter adapter or any other 12-volt DC

Victoria Kargacos
Marketing/Communications Director
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