Dear Mac enthusiasts,

Formac is the first company to make the DVD RAM technology affordable to
the masses: for a limited time Macintosh owners can now buy Formac dvdram
for $399! This is a direct price and no rebate is necessary. Formac dvdram

– 9.4 GB data capacity on removable cartridges
– Lowest cost per megabyte (less than one cent per megabyte)
– Only external dvdram in the market that plays DVD video.
– ProDisc software lets you format, partition and encrypt your media
– FireWire: hot-swappable and bus powered with most Macintosh models.

Customers can order by phone at Formac (877) 436 7622 or buy online at

Offer expires Friday, August 31st. Quantities are limited.

Best regards,

Robert Altmann

Formac Electronic Inc.
1510 6th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
T +1 510.528.9300
F +1 510.528.9014