From: Aaron Bratcher (
Subject: [ANN] db Reports 2.5 is now final

db Reports 2.5 is now final and can be downloaded from my website

db Reports is a cross platform report writing application that works on Mac
OS Classic, Mac OS X, and any Win32 platform. With db Reports, you can
extract, format and print data from one of various data sources*.

Using the built-in assistant, or the easy-to-use drawing environment, a
report can be built quickly and easily. db Reports also supports data
grouping and fully recursive expressions.

String, Math, and Logical (including IF) expressions make db Reports a
powerful tool for analyzing data. REALbasic developers can print reports in
their applications using templates saved by db Reports.

*Depending on platform, data sources may include: 4D Server 6.7, FrontBase,
mySQL, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, postgreSQL, REALDatabase, Valentina

Changes since 2.3:
– Frontbase support added (carbon should now work)
– Copy/Paste works properly
– New create new report/open existing report window shows when no
editor window is active
– db Reports now runs under Windows and Mac OS X
– SQL command can now be manually entered
– ODBC should now work properly
– postgreSQL will use default port if none specified
– bug with semi-colons in expressions now fixed
– expressions now have an “Auto Size” checkbox. This allows the
contents of an expression to size vertically.
– SQL Server should now work through ODBC
– Group footers that would not print on the next page now print.
– boolean NOT now supported
– New Methods: MOD, CountFields and NthField
– Fixed crashing bug in Limit dialog when deleting last item
– Saved file is checked to limit the possibility of a corrupted template
– Bug fixed allowing the opening of a template setup for landscape
– Long expressions don’t bring the editor to a crawl
– Valentina now supports tables and fields with spaces in their names

Aaron L Bratcher
What’s in your database? See it with db Reports