August 16, 2001
Product update for XTension, home automation software for the Mac :

Sand Hill Engineering has released version 3.7.0 of “XTension” the Mac-only
home automation software.

This release adds support for the new LynX-PLC co-processor from Marrick
Ltd. (, which supports X-10 extended codes which were
previously missing. XTension now supports these commands with the LynX-PLC.

XTension is available in a free Lite version which incorporates all of the
features of the full version, with only a limitation on the number of
database units. (The Lite version works with the popular CM11/Activehome
controller and the new MR26a.)

Packages of the software and X-10 starter kits are available at different
web sales sites. ($79.95 on the website)

Downloads and a rich website of home automation ideas can be found at

Michael Ferguson
Sand Hill Engineering