ExtremeZ-IP Ends Mac OS X – Windows “”””””””Blind Spot””””””””
Ensures Continued Access to Windows File Servers

Arlington, VA – July 13, 2001 – Group Logic, a leading vendor of network
workflow software, announced today its ExtremeZ-IP product uniquely allows
users of Apple’s new Mac OS X to continue to use Windows NT and 2000 file
servers easily.

Mac users are accustomed to using the Chooser to locate servers quickly and
simply via the AppleTalk network protocol, but in OS X the Chooser is
replaced by the Connect to Servers function, which uses TCP/IP only. As a
result of this change, users of the new operating system find it difficult
and even impossible to locate and connect to servers based on Microsoft’s
Services for Macintosh, a built-in component of the Windows NT and Windows
2000 server operating systems. ExtremeZ-IP, Group Logic’s file server
product for mixed Macintosh and Windows networks, restores the network
connections – and users’ productivity.

“”””””””When connecting to Windows servers not running ExtremeZ-IP, the OS X
‘Connect to Server’ function fails to deliver the convenience and ease of
use that the Chooser has provided for so many years,”””””””” observed T. Reid
Lewis, president of Group Logic. He explained that with Windows NT, OS X
users encounter ‘blind spots’ on their networks, because the system can no
longer ‘see’ their file servers. With Windows 2000, connecting to the
server requires OS X users to discover and enter the device’s multi-part
numerical network address (e.g., “”””””””This is the antithesis of
ease of use,”””””””” Lewis noted. “”””””””ExtremeZ-IP solves the OS X connectivity
problems of both Windows NT and 2000, restoring the Macintosh user

“”””””””For the typical employee trying to use the network, tracking down and
correctly entering an IP address is an unreasonable expectation – even more
technically adept staff will find it to be time-consuming and error prone,””””””””
stated Lewis, leading him to predict, “”””””””This will be a significant support
issue for organizations as they deploy OS X.””””””””

Group Logic’s ExtremeZ-IP is file and print server software that uses the
TCP/IP protocol to increase throughput as much as fivefold between
Macintosh clients and Microsoft Windows servers. ExtremeZ-IP enhances
native support for Macintosh communications on Windows NT Server and
Workstation, as well as Windows 2000 Server and Professional. Users
experience dramatic return on investment through increased productivity
resulting from superior network performance.

About Group Logic

Group Logic, Inc., develops wide area network (WAN) and local area network
(LAN) workflow solutions to speed and streamline file transfer, file and
print services, and remote proofing procedures. The company’s turnkey
solutions include software, customization and integration services, and
in-depth product training to maximize return on investment.

Group Logic offers three complementary product lines:

* ExtremeZ-IP: file and print services software that uses the TCP/IP
protocol to dramatically increase throughput between Macintosh clients and
a Microsoft Windows NT or Windows 2000 server.

* MassTransit: a “”””””””digital shipping and receiving department”””””””” that
completely automates and manages the process of transferring graphics,
multimedia, and other production files between print media suppliers and
their customers.

* Imagexpo: a complete remote soft proofing solution that uses
sophisticated annotation and interactive conferencing capabilities to
provide faster, more efficient multi-location review and approval of text
and graphics prior to production of print media.

Group Logic’s products are installed in over 1,000 organizations worldwide,
including leading publishers, creative services and packaging operations of
consumer goods manufacturers, printing and prepress service providers,
advertising and design agencies, and educational institutions.
Approximately 40,000 professionals in the print media and related
industries use Group Logic’s products. Group Logic’s products are
distributed in Europe by 2Di Ltd., and in Australia by Graphic Knowledge

For more information, visit Group Logic on the World Wide Web at
www.grouplogic.com. Group Logic can also be reached at
800.476.8781/703.528.1555 or info@grouplogic.com.