Press Release
For Immediate Release

MacLinkPlus Deluxe Now Optimized for Mac OS X
New Upgrade takes full advantage of the latest OS Features

July 11, 2001 Trumbull, CONN. DataViz(R) Inc. today announced the
release of MacLinkPlus(R) Deluxe 13 for the Macintosh(R). Moving along a
familiar path, MacLinkPlus Deluxe continues to evolve helping users
transfer files across a variety of programs and platforms. This latest
version is optimized for the new Mac(R) OS X from Apple(R) Computer and
includes support for the latest versions of Microsoft(R) Word and Excel, as
found in Office 2001(Mac) and Office XP(Windows).

With a new Aqua look and feel to match the new Mac OS layout, DataVizs
flagship product continues to enable Macintosh users to open, view and
convert files from a variety of Windows and Macintosh applications. The
latest version of MacLinkPlus Deluxe provides easy access to the
application via the new OS X Dock and exhibits increased stability in the
OS X protected memory environment. With the latest upgrade, MacLinkPlus
Deluxe follows Apples lead in bringing Mac users to the next level.

For the last 17 years, DataViz has been providing compatibility solutions
to help people open and use the different kinds of files they receive,
said Scott Thomas, product manager. That tradition continues with
MacLinkPlus Deluxe 13. As more and more Mac users upgrade to Mac OS X, it
is important for us to provide our customers with a version of MacLinkPlus
that takes full advantage of the new OS and its Aqua interface, as well as
the latest translators.

With the latest upgrades of the Microsoft Office Suite, MacLinkPlus Deluxe
responds with added support for MS Word and Excel 2001 for the Mac and MS
Word and Excel 2002 for Office XP. Although MacLinkPlus Deluxe 13 was
created to take advantage of the new OS X, users will be able to install
the latest version on Mac OS 8.1 or higher and continue to open, view,
translate, decode and decompress files, even if they dont have the
application that created the file. For those users with MacLinkPlus Deluxe
12 and OS X, the application will run in Classic mode on the new OS.

About MacLinkPlus Deluxe
With over 10 million copies sold, MacLinkPlus Deluxe is the top selling
utility to convert and use Windows files on the Mac. Whether users receive
a file that was created in an application they dont have, download a
compressed file from the Internet, or receive an e-mail attachment they
cant open, MacLinkPlus Deluxe solves the day-to-day hassles that occur
when using other people’s files.

Pricing and Availability
MacLinkPlus Deluxe 13 is available in retail stores like CompUSA, Staples
and Micro Center, as well as through online stores and mail order catalogs
such as, CDW and MacWarehouse. The street price for MacLinkPlus
Deluxe is $99.95. The upgrade price from any previous version of
MacLinkPlus, including versions that came free with Mac OS 7.5, 8.0 and
8.1, is $39.95 and available direct from DataViz. Those who have purchased
MacLinkPlus Deluxe within 90 days of the release of MacLinkPlus Deluxe 13
can contact DataViz for discounted upgrade pricing. As a bonus, all
customers who purchase the upgrade to MacLinkPlus Deluxe 13 direct from
DataViz will receive a free copy of iClean(tm) from Aladdin Systems (a
$29.95 value). iClean quickly eliminates accumulated Internet clutter, such
as cookies, cache and history files, that clog disk space and risk online

About DataViz
With the myriad of applications, platforms and devices available today,
DataViz addresses an important need to exchange files across a variety of
applications and platforms, such as Palm, Macintosh, and Windows. With more
than 17 years of experience in award-winning product design and
development, DataViz’s efforts resulted in compatibility software with
unparalleled functionality, ease of use and reliability. DataViz
compatibility technology is used by Microsoft, Apple, IBM/Lotus, Palm and
other industry leaders.