DigiCerf Selects VeriSign To Provide Secure Communications for Consumers
Flagship Product “”””””””Secure”””””””” allows consumers to send and receive secure e-mail

Aliso Viejo, CA – DigiCerf, Inc., an online provider of consumer security
software, today announced that it has selected VeriSign Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSN)
to provide authentication and managed digital certificate services to power
a new consumer offering. With VeriSign, DigiCerf plans to issue digital
certificates to consumers to enable them to take advantage of the speed and
efficiency of conducting secure online communications and transactions.
DigiCerf will also use VeriSign’s authentication services to establish the
identity and authority of consumers requesting digital certificates.

Gary Brooks, president and co-founder of DigiCerf, says, “”””””””Digital
certificates provide peace of mind to consumers by giving them the ability
to communicate securely over the Internet. VeriSign has assisted us to
provide a scalable solution that gives us control over the issuance and
management of certificates for our customers.””””””””
“”””””””The appearance of new online applications in banking, healthcare
and other industries that rely on digital certificates is making consumers
more aware than ever of their use,”””””””” said Anil Pereira, senior vice
president and group general manager of VeriSign’s Enterprise and Service
Provider division. “”””””””With this new offering, DigiCerf is playing an
important role in educating consumers and making digital certificates
available for specific uses.””””””””

Digital certificates reside securely in browsers or e-mail software,
allowing users to encrypt e-mail and documents to send them securely over
the Internet. The recent Federal E-Signature bill gives digital signatures
the same legal weight as written signatures, which will begin to drive more
availability of online commercial services in banking, brokerage,
healthcare, retailing and other applications. Digital signatures ensure
both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the document.

DigiCerf plans to offer two types of certificates using VeriSign’s
technology. Its “”””””””Secure”””””””” product will allow consumers to send and receive
secure, encrypted email, while its “”””””””Signature”””””””” product will provide the
capability of digitally signing documents in addition to exchanging secure

VeriSign’s authentication services will enable DigiCerf to quickly
establish the identity of consumers who apply for digital certificates.
Using manual and automated verification techniques, the service relies on
the VeriSign proven infrastructure to bind the identities of buyers,
suppliers, and customers to a digital certificate. To download a FREE
digital certificate go to, http://www.digicerf.com.

About DigiCerf

DigiCerf, Inc. gives peace of mind to consumers who wish to exchange secure
transactions over the Internet and through wireless devices such as mobile
phones and PDAs. By providing digital certificates that interface with
leading web and email software applications. DigiCerf enables pier-to-pier,
secure electronic communications. Its digital signature product assures
recipients that a digitally signed document is genuine and has not been
subject to tampering. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, additional
information about DigiCerf can be found through its web site,