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MacPopUp. New Messenger Built for Mac OS X

MacPopUp 2.5 first enables Instant Messaging across Mac OS X, Mac OS and
Windows, adds more benefits

July 5, 2001 – Kanex Group Inc. today unveiled a new MacPopUp 2.5. Built
for Mac OS X, it provides users with all advantages of Apple’s advanced OS
and at the same time it is available for Mac OS and Windows. MacPopUp is
the only full-featured IM LAN Solution available for Mac OS X. It works
natively with Apple’s latest operating system without requiring the Classic

Version 2.5 allows home and SOHO users to utilize LAN messaging and access
to the Internet without switching the TCP/IP settings. At the same time
enterprise and educational users get the one-click recipient select,
message broadcasting, enhanced multiple users/workgroups functionality and
printing of the received messages.

MacPopUp allows Mac users to exchange instant messages with other users on
any local area network. Users can easily communicate with anyone on
corporate, school and home networks. Its interface is simple but amazingly
effective. And it works with Windows and UNIX computers too.

The new version is even more effective as for small networks and for the
networks with medium to large number of users as well. They can now:

– Simultaneously use LAN Messaging and access Internet. Due to the
AppleTalk support now there is no need to switch the TCP/IP settings or to
utilize a router to simultaneously access the Internet and send messages
over a network.
– Broadcasting messages. It is often needed to send simultaneous messages
to multiple users or multiple workgroups. It is just a snap of fingers now.
– Be members of multiple workgroups
– Select a recipient at a single click from the pull-down menu
– Print received messages
– Send messages faster
– Enjoy improved overall program stability

Macs with 68k processors and Mac OS 7.x? No problem. MacPopUp works as
easily as on the latest PowerMacs G4 with MacOS X. Also AppleTalk-only
networks are supported now. MacPopUp’s versatility will be particularly
welcomed by educational and other institutions with a variety of computers
on their networks.

MacPopUp 2.5 will always help working effectively with your colleagues. It
possesses all the great functions of previous versions and at the same time
is traditionally easy-to-use.

MacPopUp features the advanced technology of text-to-speech so MacPopUp can
be left working in the background and all incoming messages can be listened
to while user continues to work. MacPopUp also utilizes Speech Recognition
software and accepts more than 25 speech commands. Incoming messages can
also be correctly displayed in different languages with its Text Encoding.

In today’s fast-paced technological world, time is at a premium. MacPopUp
is faster and more efficient than email, more reliable than the telephone
and more discrete than shouting across the room. Message delivery is
guaranteed. No special server is required; installation is instant and the
program is easy to run.

A comprehensive list of MacPopUp’s extensive features can be seen on our
web site at

))System requirements((

– Any Macintosh with 1 MB of free RAM
– Mac OS version 7.x or later (full Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X compatibility)
– OpenTransport software
– Local area network with TCP/IP or AppleTalk services enabled

))Availability and Pricing((

Download and install the 30-day trial version of MacPopUp 2.5 on your
computer now. It’s free from

Pricing starts at $10 per copy with deep discounts for site licenses and
educational institutions.

All current customers get a MacPopUp 2.5 version at no charge.