June 25, 2001

YENCO.COM is proud to announce the release of iEvents 1, a completely new
application built from the ground up to replace iCalendar for Mac.

iEvents is a powerful client-side tool for quickly creating custom calendar
websites that can then be easily uploaded to any internet server or iDisk.
It is ideal for individuals, schools, user groups, or any organization that
wants to share their calendar of events online. iEvents is compatible with
Mac OS 9 and the Mac OS X Classic Environment.

Key features:
– Generates single or multiple month calendar websites.
– Date & Time control panel aware.
– Multi-function controls palette.
– WYSIWYG Preview and edit in a single window.
– Style documents to change calendar appearance.
– Software update feature for registered users.
– Context-aware help system using Apple Help Viewer.
– External preference storage.
– And much more!

For more information please visit:

Mike Yenco

Main Page: http://www.yenco.com
Product Info: http://www.yenco.com/iEvents
What’s New: http://www.yenco.com/iEvents/new.html
Download Page: http://www.yenco.com/iEvents/download.html
Picture: http://www.yenco.com/iEvents/picture.html
Sample: http://www.yenco.com/calendar/2001_6.html
Product Logo: http://www.yenco.com/iEvents/Resources/
Registration: http://order.kagi.com/?3RJ&S
Direct DL #1: http://www.yenco.com/iEvents-10.bin
Direct DL #2: http://server19.hypermart.net/mhyenco/

Company: YENCO.COM
Release Date: June 25, 2001
Product: iEvents
Version: 1.0
Size: 856 K
Class: Shareware
Cost: $20.00 (USD)