The Cinemizer Plus (, which launches in May,
will purportedly be the first video eyewear to get the “Works with
iPhone” approval from Apple. Designed to work with the iPod, the
original Cinemizer bore the “Made for iPod” approval from Apple.

Further compliance with Apple requirements means that the new model
gains the “Works with iPhone” approval in addition to the “Made for
iPod” compliance, according to Andreas Klavehn, senior manager for
the Carl Zeiss Multimedia Devices at Carl Zeiss.

The Cinemizer Plus comes with clips to fit the iPhone (either
versions), or any video capable iPod. It then plays back any video
content you have thought the video headset. The built-in battery
means the iPhone battery is conserved, and will run the display for
up to four hours.

The Cinemizer combines LCD screens with individual diopter focus
adjustment (-3.5 to +3.5D). This means even if the user wears glasses
the screen image can be focused for crystal-clear viewing, Klavehn
says. The resulting image is optically tuned to appear as virtual
45-inch (diagonal) screen, as viewed from six feet away.

The Cinemizer Plus will be available in the USA, UK and Germany
starting in May for US449. The original Cinemizer is still available
in some stores until May.